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OMG this is the weirdest way to stay warm in the winter

Meanwhile in Cambodia...

OMG skydiving goes wrong

Skydiver goes spinning in the air...

OMG rhino attacks car

Scary video footage of a rhino attacking a visitor's car at Kruger National Park

OMG numbers in Austin’s sky

Five sky-writing planes wrote the pi number in the sky of Austin. Texas to celebrate the pi day

OMG ping pong banana peel

This is without a doubt the most interesting way to peel a banana.

OMG there is a tiger in the bathroom

It's not a Hangover scene! This is Ozzy and he really likes relaxing in the bathroom

OMG man smashes 155 walnuts with his head

Mohammad Rashid breaks world record for smashing walnuts with his head at the Punjab Youth Festival in Lahore, Pakistan

OMG screaming zucchinis

It's like a horror movie... listen to that screaming zucchinis

OMG a weird cat

What's wrong with that cat? What is that thing that is doing?

OMG Reese Witherspoon teleported

What happened here? This is not a montage, it's a video from the Independent Spirit Awards. As you can see, Reese Witherspoon can teleport wherever she wants

OMG horse riding jumping fitness

Jumping fitness transforms into horse riding

OMG Coloradoing fail

"Coloradoing" is the art of climbing a pine tree, until the top breaks off.