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OMG farting deer

It's just a farting deer

OMG Rabbit Stampede

So many rabbits!

OMG Pizza, the one true God

Pizza advocate preaching at the UCF Campus

OMG peaceful orca whales

Pod of killer orca whales swam by fishermen in Barklay Sound in Vancouver

OMG what’s in the pot?

You can't even imagine what fits in that pot

OMG Santa Claus is everywhere

Watch the Santas of Inglewood Drive

OMG transformer fire next to car

That's really crazy

OMG stalking cat

Crazy cat is your biggest stalker

OMG meanwhile in London

Noise outside Harrods, London

OMG itchy yoga goat

Itchy goat shows off stunning yoga skills

OMG creepy pipeline explosion

Creepy pipeline explosion almost destroys car

OMG catch in a vertical wind tunnel

John Suiter and Keith Kimbrough playing catch while flying in a vertical wind tunnel