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OMG catch in a vertical wind tunnel

John Suiter and Keith Kimbrough playing catch while flying in a vertical wind tunnel

OMG what’s wrong with that parrot

Parrot looks seriously high

OMG United States flag rips in half

Giant USA flag rips in half at Buffalo Bills opening ceremony.

OMG epic lap dance fail

Drunk guy tries to give girl a lap dance. He fails dramatically

OMG car goes through RV

That's for sure a unique crash

Meanwhile in an art gallery

Is this a foot on her mouth?

OMG a walking dog

Just a normal day for the walking dog

OMG cutting down tree with Tannerite

That's definitely not something you see every day

OMG creepy Japanese sneezing panda

You're gonna love it....

OMG elk on trampoline

Just when you thought you had seen it all... an elk on a trampoline

OMG musical Tesla Coil

Eddie Van Halen's "Eruption" on a Tesla Coil

OMG meanwhile in France

Surfing in a french water fountain