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Daddy being a proper role model

Father rescues owl from drowing, while daughter is holding the camera

How to turn slip’n slide into face lawn mowing

You only need an inflatable matress and 3 days of beard growth

Cool 35-40 yard hail Mary own pass

The fact that the footage is captured via a drone camera, takes it to a badass level

Some very lucky people watched a top class performance for $2,50

Anything can happen on a NYC subway platform

This is the most adorable crowd charmer you’ll ever see

Hyper cute 15 month old toddler has complete control of 500 camping boys

Hovercraft pilot faceplants when reaches land

This guy re-writes the English dictionary when comes to "eating mud"

When nature trolls…

Going to the beach only to find that your spot is actually in the eye of a tornado.What are the odds..

Atlantic goliath grouper teaches diver the ancient nature’s law

If you can't keep it, others will claim it. Maximum respect for the biggest underwater trolling I've ever seen.

The greatest circus escape

Giraffe escapes, literally, from circus and runs through the streets

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