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OMG MTB rider almost gets impaled

Guy falls off his bike awfully close to a sharp tree trunk

OMG a box full of mystery

Pomeranian surprise!

OMG robbed in Guatemala

A couple of motorcycling enthousiasts gets robbed at gunpoint on the road between San Pedro La Laguna and Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala. Thankfully, they got away unharmed.

OMG Levitating superconductor

Physics can be beautiful

OMG it’s an Arnold Schwarzenegger robot

It's an Arnold Schwarzenegger weight lifting robot designed by senior mechanical engineering students Dalton Herron and Michael Everson

OMG amazing bear sculpture

Artist, Ben Gazsi, builds a nine foot bear sculpture with natural materials

OMG almost perfect BMX trick

Don't try this, especially if there is a camera around

OMG it’s the most annoying dog ever

Kudos for the patience big dog

OMG daddy’s little angel fails repeatedly

Playful cute Adrianna gets an accidental kick by her sister

OMG shooting targets using a mirror to aim

With a few bionic implants he'll be real life Robocop

OMG cool helicopter formation

Military helicopters perfectly lined up near Stonehenge. That's a cool thing to see.

OMG girl gets soccer ball in the face

Cutest headshot you'll see today

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