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OMG meanwhile in St.Petersburg,Florida

Best Dorothy impersonation,ever!

OMG kitten knocks down toddler TWICE

This is hilarious. I keep wondering what a puppy would have done..

OMG worst longboard crash you’ll see today

Young Pete is going down the road in high speed and, naturally, eats crap.

OMG watching your ski partner fail

One of this occasions when you don't really enjoy an epic fail happening right in front of you.

OMG parkour dive goes wrong

Dive kjong ends in pain

OMG toilet paper juggling

Toilet can be a place for cool and constructive activities, after all.

OMG dog doing the Wobble

Nola, the cute bulldog, surely got the moves

OMG the agony of paragliding

You need to remain calm when paragliding

OMG amazing avalanche

Explosion is bringing down half of the mountain at Stjernøy, Norway.

OMG what is wrong with this cat?

Headbagging cat...Cool...

OMG sliding in Antarctic

Seriously you need to top being Jealous of this guy

OMG crazy car crashes

The ultimate video compilation of car crashes by Fail Army