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For once, a drone well used

After this video, the guy was elected mayor of his town

Time has stopped for this kitty

Is it a time/space phenomenon or the kitty suffers from a stroke? A vet (or an astrophysicist) could help on this one.

This will make your spinal cord fracture

This guy wants desperately to spend the night in the hospital

Outdoors bowling in the rain

That's the stupidest thing I've seen lately

Wild elephant makes tourists crap their pants

Jokes aside, that's a genuinly scared situation

Best fails of the week

FailArmy people put together anothe hilarious fail compilation. Bless them.

Where’s Tucker??

I have a feeling that Selena may be victim of dog bullying

Epic knee bouncing

Having injured my knees in the past, I can only say OUCH

Beware the hen

Poor squirrel does not have a chance against this rapid beast.

This father is doomed

I have a feeling that this little cutie could turn into the most spoiled kid on earth. Who could possibly say NO to her?

This howling will hunt you in your dreams

Dog howls along siren in the cutest possible way