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Taking street performance to another level

Ladies and gentlemen, this is what I call CLASS

Old school midievil dentistry beats up fancy modern time science

Kudos to this dude for keeping the tradition alive

Leapfrogging carnage in slo mo

Uncle had the brilliant idea to jump over his nephew. The kid is ok.

Dog is excited to meet his new buddy

Newborn baby girl comes home for the first time. Dog seems thrilled.

Drive by flower surprise

Romantic rider is pulling the ultimate flirting trick: flowers!

Best Fails of the Week 2 November

Don't forget people, it's not a fail unless it's approved by FailArmy

Worst stunt idea someone could have

Jump on a carton box, in the kitchen

Is this the set of “Pitch Black”??

This place is spooky

Father is filming daughter performing “Let it go”

Watch it till the end for a shockwave of cuteness. Epic moment at 2:42.

When zipline ride turns into carnage

That might cause a headache

Big brother is having some rough time

We all feel for you bro