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Waste nothing!

Do you eat these things??

Squirrel gives giant panda a serious trolling lesson

Never turn your back to a squirrel. Lesson learned.

In the animal kingdom, size matters

If the big guy makes a move, you just run away

Crossfit lady learns a thing about physics

Gravity and action/reaction are finally making sense

Multitasking at its best

Actually, I think a harmonica could fit in the picture

Weird river animal encounter while kanoeing

This is not something you see everyday

When downhill aerolid meets gymnastincs

Miraculously, this continuous tumbling resulted only a sore ankle and stiff neck

Taking down a tree like a boss

The falling at the end makes the whole effort even greater

Best driving maneuvers I’ve ever seen

The van driver claimed that he didn't see the car coming (!!)

Meanwhile in the waterways of London

Artist Alexander Costello during one of his live performances under the title 'Making Progress'. I say it looks like Superman meets Titanic.

How many times have you fooled around in a hotel room?

I have a feeling that for this kid it will be the last one

Big boys are drinking from water fountain

Baby bottle will do the work here