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When blowing a building, do it in style

I bet the demolition co-ordinator has studied in the best schools of Paris and Milan

Pedestrian lady is taking it to another level..

I do not own a scooter, but seriously, wtf?

First lesson of wakeboarding fail

Just try to jump on the board

Drone meets Chinook helicopters

Great view, easy targets

Taking the ALS ice bucket challenge to another level

Warning: cuteness overload

Most dedicated Apple costumer

Little Sammy is a typical example of the next generation of Apple product users

When parental trolling takes epical proportions

Priceless reaction

Finally! Here are the fails of the week!

Enjoy the new fail compilation by Fail Army!

Granddad’s last fishing trip

Emotional video of a grandson filming his grandfather's last fishing trip

What’s the most hilarious thing in the world?

Two words: ramen noodles

KTM one wheel stability test fail

Or, simplified, wheelie fail