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Guy almost gets drown on a mountain!

The most ironic mtb ride ever. Thankfully, the pond was shallow and the irony did not turn into drama

Meanwhile in Japan

Only Japanese people know how to shoot unique music videos

OMG get out of the way!!

People with suicidal tendencies are standing on the side of a bmx track, at La Molina Bike Park.

OMG guy smashes watermelon with his head

An ordinary day in the park...

OMG baby rhinos having breakfast

Milk time for three cute baby rhinos

OMG free running nutshot

Who thought that making cement bench-arms is actually a good idea?

OMG kid scooter fail

Kid is having a cute fall on the grass

OMG park bench backflip fail

Too much negative energy, you can even hear someone saying "fail" behind the camera. Poor guy was doomed to fail.

OMG backflipping goes wrong

Epic backflipping fail on slippery grass.

OMG park gymnastics fail

That was a mutual nutcracking, I think

OMG girl bench jumping fail

Slippery shoe soles

OMG robot in the park

Not an ordinary day in the park

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