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OMG playing with a parrot fail

Poor bird..

OMG squirrel alert

Ariel, a Panama amazon parrot, spots a squirrel in the yard and makes sure that EVERYONE knows [Arbroath]

OMG parrot bites boy

Pissed off parrot attakcs boy

OMG he is the boss

Parrot makes sure that cat understands who is the boss [to]

OMG scary parrot laugh

Creepy "old witch style" laughing [to]

OMG parrot is ready to be a mommy

Kili the parrot shows how she holds her baby, puts her in a stroller, pushes it around, and then puts baby to bed in her crib.

OMG dog VS parrot

Parrot and dog fighting over container [dpf]

OMG parrot feeds dog

Here dude, take theese noodles [dpaf]

OMG freedom from parrots

A clip, showing the unspeakable tortures, that a poor kitty suffered from a vicious budgie.

OMG towel camouflage

Budgie exploring the toilet, but doesn't want to be seen.

OMG Chico goes bike riding

Chico the parrot loves going bike riding on the shoulder of his friend

OMG budgie bullies cat

Budgie and cat are put to fight on a bed. It's a clear victory for the budgie.