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OMG genius birds

A crow and a parrot prove to be smarter than you thought

OMG parrot sings Bob the Builder

Next task is to learn Dora the explorer's theme song

OMG Pac-Man Cockatiel

I would be more impressed if that parrot played pacman

OMG parrot plays dead

I have seen that with cats and dogs. First time shooting a parrot

OMG upset parrot

someone needs to calm this parrot

OMG bird loves toothbrush

oral hygien is better with a bird on the top of your head

OMG parrot sings “You’re my sunshine”

This is a parrot at the St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park named Zorro. You can watch him singing "You're my sunshine"

OMG parrot feeds dog

Parrot teases dog with a piece of turkey. He eventually gives it to him!

OMG psycho parrot