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Penguin visits restaurant

A Penguin pays a visit to the Boulders Beach Lodge and Restaurant in South Africa

OMG funny sprinting technique

At least he made it to the finishing line..

OMG penguin wants to fly

Silly penguin desperately trying to fly. Sadly he never made it...

OMG penguin tries to bite dog’s tail

Silly penguin wants a bite from dog's tail

OMG dog vs penguin

Poodle wants desperately to get in the tank and meet his new friend

OMG penguin is afraid of water

This is weird, funny and sad at the same time.

OMG bully penguin

Bully penguin pushes into water innocent brother

OMG penguin mezmerized by shadow

Apparently this penguin finds the shadow remarkable

OMG a mean penguin

Penguin being a complete ass

OMG fat dog wobbles like penguin

Tank, the chihuahua, has a unique way to shit like a penguin

OMG weird people

Cute penguin tries to understand people

OMG ticklish penguin

Cute penguin enjoys tickles

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