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OMG girl photo goes wrong

Girls get pranked while having a photograph taken

OMG an imaginary friend

Epic imaginary friend photo prank [to]

OMG lion ruins photo

A lion at the San Diego Safari ruins little girl's picture

OMG typical tourist faceplant

Important note for tourists: while taking your poses near any monument, please beware of the slippery surfaces

OMG romantic wedding moment

Brilliant idea to have a photoshoot on a tree

OMG behind the back attack

Smells like green berret training

OMG trying to get an impressive photo FAIL

Wedding photo on a fountain. What a great idea!

OMG wedding romance got ruined

Damn you big waves

OMG wedding photo surprise

I guess this is not a good sign

OMG wedding photo fail

You'll never find this in a wedding photo album

OMG family portrait fail

It is not a good idea to pose for a family portrait when you're partying like that

OMG old people taking a shot

It's Frank's 84th Birthday and with Rita they are trying to take a still photo using computer's camera

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