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OMG pit bull dances with human

This is the first time you're gonna see a belly dancing pit bull

OMG cat attacks dog’s picture

Gracie, the cat, going all out to attack a picture of her beloved friend, Lucy (the pitbull).

OMG dog helps with dish washing

Buddy, the helpful pit bull, is giving the dishes a final touch, before putting the diswasher into operation.

OMG goat playing with pit bull

Goat and pit bull play fight

OMG small dog pwnes pit bull

Don't let the little guy's size fool you

OMG that’s creepy

Pit bulls become operational didgeridoos...

OMG genius dog

With a rather lazy boss.

OMG the art of kissing

One year old pit bull is used in an ultra cute lesson for school kids

OMG brutal Pit Bull vs chicks