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Tube deflation takes a rather stupid twist

Is he doing this on purpose??

This must be the only way to get injured while diving into a pool

This lady is testing the design parameters of her spinal cord

OMG romantic couple enjoying swimming pool

I really thought that the guy would take advantage of this elegant and romantic moment, to propose

OMG aquatic dinosaur attacks girl

Humanity will be saved ONLY by a new Ice Age

OMG rap performance fail

Ghanaian hip-hop/hiplife group made an appearance at Viena Beach. Things did not go as planned.

OMG lifeguard dog

Dog gets husky friend out of the pool

OMG pool basketball can be cool after all

Those guys seem to have worked on their game

OMG this is far more cooler than it looks at first sight

A triple flip from 1 m. This is cool people!

OMG jumping off roof into a pool

Guy attempts an impressive dive and records it, in order to see how close to the pool bottom he can get.

OMG motel ad board fail

Slightly misleading...

OMG pool stunt fail

Guy tries an impressive high jump, over a stack of chairs, but fails miserably

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