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OMG pool basketball can be cool after all

Those guys seem to have worked on their game

OMG this is far more cooler than it looks at first sight

A triple flip from 1 m. This is cool people!

OMG jumping off roof into a pool

Guy attempts an impressive dive and records it, in order to see how close to the pool bottom he can get.

OMG motel ad board fail

Slightly misleading...

OMG pool stunt fail

Guy tries an impressive high jump, over a stack of chairs, but fails miserably

OMG baby elephant trying to get in a pool

Cute baby elephant Belle trying to get into a pool, under her mother's attantion.

OMG pool party madness

Friends have fun by destroying their pool

OMG pool dive win shot

Epic accurate "inflatable donut" shot

OMG trampoline stunt fail

Guy tries to jump from trampoline to pool. Bad idea.

OMG alpaca falls in pool

Cameraman shut the camera off too early in order to run and rescue the wet pregnant Alpaca

OMG cute inflatable pool fail

Grandfather films his cute granddaughter attempting an unfortunate pool jump

OMG pool party misfortune

Jumping on a bed by the pool, together with alcohol consumption, can only lead to an epic fall

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