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OMG wakeboard faceplant

Ladies and gents, meet "red face" Sarah!

OMG this is outrageous

Guy buys plain Pringles instead of the green ones so his friends decided to prank him. We absolutely approve their action.

OMG meanwhile in Iceland

That's weird, to say the least

OMG dad pwnes kids

The good old "red dot trick" always works

OMG you’ll want to hug that fox

Chuckles the red fox gets excited to see people. Chuckles resides at Treehouse Wildlife Center in Brighton, IL and has neuro problems

OMG careless driver hits pedestrian

Someone could say that pedestrian's reaction was, in fact, quite calm.

OMG do not want

Warning. Do not brush this red fox's fur. Don't!

OMG angry bird fail

Call the blue one or even the yellow one to break that window, you stupid red angry bird

OMG what is that supposed to be?

Little Red Riding Hood is rifled by the Big Bad Wolf.

OMG cute red pandas playing


OMG the Rudolph tragedy


OMG red bees in Brooklyn