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OMG sand tumbling goes wrong

Sand tumbling turns into sand eating

OMG sand eating after double frontflip

For some reason I was mezmerized by the weird guys in the background, doing some ballet stretching

OMG sand dune downhill fail

This could have been way worse..

OMG beach faceplant

Kid eats a huge amount of sand

OMG parasailing fail

Extreme sporting at its best

OMG bikini girl fail

Cute bikini girl fails miserably at sand dune down-riding, on an inflatable mattress.

OMG bmx jump goes bad

Guy tries to make a sand hill jump and smashes on the ground.

OMG funny front flip faceplant

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUPoMFw8ju8 This guy ate some dust there. The commentary is quite irritating.

OMG beach backflip fail

Very spectacular fail with a help of a driftwood

OMG impressive multiflip fail

Still impressive, even if a fail

OMG kite sand surfing fail

I say that body armour must be considered as mandatory for all sports (ping pong included)

OMG sand dune insane flip goes wrong

At least he's got his compassionate and supportive friends

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