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Good deed of the YEAR!

Man crawls into sewage to save four puppies! Give him the Medal of Honor NOW!

Kitchen yoga fail

Never attempt kitchen yoga when you're home alone

Who said that women’s volleyball cannot be impressive?

This must be one of coolest volleyball saves ever made.

A story of humanity and hope in the streets of L.A.

Some good people are stopping traffic to save a lost duckling. Faith in humanity, partially, restored

OMG biker’s good deed of the day

Good Samaritan biker puts turtle on the side of the road. Not sure if it's the right side though.

OMG faith to humanity restored

Two young fellows in Saudi Arabia are throwing themselves into a torrent, to save to trapped pupies. Well done boys!

OMG meanwhile in Ireland

Irish people found a way to save petrol money

OMG corgi as o goalkeeper

Corgi doing some world class saves.

OMG hyperkinetic dog fail

Spoiler: Happy ending

OMG ski patrol fail

Who will save the savior?

OMG drunk guy tries to heal injured pigeon

Good intentions, bad result.

OMG good deed of the day

Guy saves sheep stuck in a ditch.

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