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OMG somewhere under the rainbow

Someone please explain this stupid dog that this is not some kind of sorcery, but just a meteorological phenomenon.

OMG Scientifically accurate Thundercats

Science, science, science, Scientifically accurate Thundercats! Hoooooo!

OMG guinea pig hates Miley Cyrus

A valid scientific experiment that will certainly affect the career of Miley Cyrus.

OMG science center fail

Always respect the science sculptures

OMG old school aerospace engineering

This is, more or less, how Sputnik was put into orbit.

OMG the science behind hot dog champion

This is a scientific video about Joey "Jaws" Chestnut, four-time defending champion of the International Hot Dog Eating Contest

OMG genius birds

A crow and a parrot prove to be smarter than you thought

OMG nuclear fission chain reaction

This was an assignment for A.P. Chemistry class at Horizon Science Academy Cleveland high school

OMG elephants react to the recorded roar of a lion

"When elephants hear lion roars, those led by older females are quicker to react to the sound of a male lion compared to that of a lioness."

OMG maybe it is not a good idea to barbecue a water balloon

if you're a physicist you will know it already, if you're not , watch the video

OMG rat basketball

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