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OMG opening a bottle of wine using just a shoe

Real life Macgyver opens a bottle of wine like a boss

OMG boy loses shoe in creek

Boy loses shoe while jumping over creek

OMG wheelie fail POV

Painful wgheelie fail, lake Como, Italy.

OMG funny gymnastics flip fail

Epic shoe moment at 0:07

OMG why girls should not play football

Girl loses shoe during football freekick

OMG backflip with an unexpected ending

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agFNh7kicFQ Look after your lamps people

OMG how to loose your shoe

Flying shoe fail

OMG barefoot skater

Loose shoelaces fail

OMG drunk guy has a shoe problem

If you are about to drink just wear flip flops

OMG crow unties shoe laces

As a fellow youtuber commented: "I would use this bird at the beach to take off bikini tops". Brutal, but true... [to]

OMG cat hates shoe

Crazy cat with ultra fast punches

OMG shoe attacks bride


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