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Most well educated toddler on earth

This girl aleady knows the one and only thing that matters in life

OMG redneck shopping

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_Qkj-RQTno Shopping...the redneck way....

OMG shopping cart fail

Jackass' legacy is still alive

OMG sheeps go shopping

Sheeps go shopping at intersport Arlberg, Austria

OMG cat pushing trolley


OMG boy falls asleep

Madi falls asleep while shopping

OMG cat goes shopping

Only in Russia

OMG dog and chicken go shopping

Dog carries the basket, chicken has the shopping list

OMG shopaholic dog

Jasmine, the cute puppy, seems to have a very serious addiction to shopping

OMG shopping cart race goes wrong

It could also be named as "Stupidity race"

OMG bikini girl shopping cart fail

Charming bikini lady tries to fly by jumping into a rolling shopping cart. Unfortunately she fails

OMG parrot goes shopping at super market