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OMG that didn’t go well

What you should not to do on a slide

OMG pool slide fail

Some things are designed for toddlers, ONLY

OMG ice sliding goes wrong

Typical reaction after the first early-morning frost net

OMG kitty got tricked

I'm sure that kitty will hold a grudge on this and get ,eventually, revenge [dpf]

OMG what a beautiful view…


OMG car slide fail

Never trust a Japanese car for sliding on...

OMG sliding goes wrong

That was not a good idea

OMG wet slide fail

Pitbull can't climb up the wet slide

OMG Pippo discovers static electricity

Little Pippo has his first encounter with physics

OMG rollerblading sucks…

...when you miss the sliding bar.

OMG bulldog slides

Tater loves sliding

OMG extreme fall

If it is meant to fall, let it be like this one...magnificent.