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OMG carnival slide fail

Careless cute girl cannot avoid a mild fail

OMG sliding monkeys

Amazing sliding show by Thailand monkeys

OMG slide flip goes wrong

Camera man was used as a safety matress

OMG that didn’t go well

What you should not to do on a slide

OMG pool slide fail

Some things are designed for toddlers, ONLY

OMG ice sliding goes wrong

Typical reaction after the first early-morning frost net

OMG kitty got tricked

I'm sure that kitty will hold a grudge on this and get ,eventually, revenge [dpf]

OMG what a beautiful view…


OMG car slide fail

Never trust a Japanese car for sliding on...

OMG sliding goes wrong

That was not a good idea

OMG wet slide fail

Pitbull can't climb up the wet slide

OMG Pippo discovers static electricity

Little Pippo has his first encounter with physics