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Beware the hen

Poor squirrel does not have a chance against this rapid beast.

Squirrel gives giant panda a serious trolling lesson

Never turn your back to a squirrel. Lesson learned.

Squirrel defies gravity in slo-mo

Ninja skilled squirrel doing his thing in slo mo

Chicken police at action

Chickens chasing the naughty squirrel trying to eat at the bird feeders

Ever felt that someone is checking you out?

A very strange feeling

OMG squirrel feeder jump fail

Squirrel attempts a badass jump but ends with an embarassing fail

OMG beagle hunting fail

Some dogs are not meant to be hunters

OMG squirrel hides nuts in man’s clothes

Smart squirrel finally found a way to keep that nuts fresh

OMG squirrel eating an apple

Hungry squirrel enjoys a juicy apple

OMG squirrel hides nut in dog’s fur

Pet Squirrel hides his nut in the fur of a Bernese Mountain Dog

OMG baby chipmunk fail

Baby chipmunk having the cutest fail, falling off a wire.

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