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OMG squirrel hides nuts in man’s clothes

Smart squirrel finally found a way to keep that nuts fresh

OMG squirrel eating an apple

Hungry squirrel enjoys a juicy apple

OMG squirrel hides nut in dog’s fur

Pet Squirrel hides his nut in the fur of a Bernese Mountain Dog

OMG baby chipmunk fail

Baby chipmunk having the cutest fail, falling off a wire.

OMG squirrel jumps over cat

Ninja squirrel pwns cat

OMG playing with pet squirrel

Playing with a pet squirrel is insanely cute

OMG squirrel loves cat

Squirrel & Cat = BFF

OMG an imaginary squirrel

Coco the dog runs up the tree to chase an imaginary squirrel

OMG squirrel gymnastics payoff

Squirrel performs a very demanding side-split in order to steal food from a bird feeder.

OMG squirrel scares kids

Stealth squirrel pwnes kids.

OMG squirrel’s leap of faith

R.I.P. little squirrel

OMG squirrel is freezed

Not sure if this is a real squirrel or a mini statue

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