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OMG stage swallows security guy

Better be careful next time, man

OMG leaving the stage goes wrong

Andrea Ghidone, a famous Uruguayan actress/model/dancer, cannot find her way off the stage.

OMG performance gone wrong

Boy has a little fail during "rock and roll snowman" performance

OMG performance goes wrong

Vietnamese musician loses balance

OMG music awards winner slips on stage

South Korean singer IU won the Song of the Year award but had a bad moment on stage

OMG Journey concert mega fail

Journey singer accidentally stage-dives, at the wrong side of the stage.

OMG fail on stage

Ilenia Palmas falls during an Italian tv show and no one seems to care.

OMG groupie fail

Girls can't stage-dive.

OMG Cinderella goes bad

Cinderella play goes really bad

OMG stage dive goes totally wrong

Band member attempts crowd surfing but things didn't go as planned

OMG Disneyland fail

The Aladdin Show at Disneyland California Adventure Park was evacuated due to a malfunction during the magic carpet ride scene.

OMG wrestler crashes girl

Is this a bachelorette party?