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OMG Nicki Minaj’s dancer falls off stage

Hope he/she is ok. Happened yesterday at IZOD center

OMG singing on stage fail

Stage diving without crowd = basketball size balls

OMG rapping fail

Kelllen has a stage fail while rapping at Spencer Lake Youth Camp

OMG mascot bacflip fail

Even a slight miscalculation can lead you to a public fail.

OMG club host fail

If you want to be a good host, you've got to watch your steps.

OMG Rihanna inferno

The Rihanna show in Dallas goes wrong after a firework malfunction

OMG stage diving epic fail

Guy parties on stage with his favorite band after a succesuf marriage proposal. Then he decides that he needs a stage dive. Poor decision

OMG is Lady Gaga peeing on stage?

There has been a lot of discussion about this rumor. I think this video helps us understand what really happened. Is this pee? Or is it water from the fountain? What do you think?

OMG singer fails on stage

Mr. Vegas, the Jamaican dancehall star, falls on stage at the 2011 Shrimp Festival in Roatan, Bay islands Honduras

OMG Keith Urban falls off stage

Keith Urban falls off stage during his first show of the Get Closer tour in Biloxi, MS

OMG Robbie Williams hilarious fall

Robbie Williams rips his trousers during his opening number. Then he has a nasty, hilarious, epic fail

OMG Shania Twain falls at CMT Awards

Not the best stage entrance for the lovely Shania UPDATE : Shania Twain made a video response for her accident. Watch it here