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OMG metal concert fail

Metalhead is getting over excited and over headbanged with catastrophic results.

OMG concert goes wrong

Nowdays, keyboard supports are not as solid as they used to be...

OMG a fail turned to an epic win

After the end of the play "Hamlet", performed by the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater, actress Marina Golub slipped on the wet floor and fell. Her colleagues made up this smart act and put the lady out of the awkward si...

OMG Ryan Seacrest falls off stage

Ryan Seacrest jumped off the stage and landed on a guy while trying to catch a balloon

OMG falling male model

We may be used seeing female models falling on runway but there are males too

OMG fan on fire

Ok this looks staged but it is pretty impressive. A "fan" invades the stage during Rammstein's concert and a band member sets him on fire

OMG Steve Nash gets a lap dance

Steve is getting a lap dance from Nicki Minaj. I wonder if he managed to score a three pointer after that....

OMG best stage ever

The french opera "Andre Chenier" will be present in the magnificent stage on the banks of Lake Constance.

OMG drummer falls off stage

Passionate drummer falls off the stage during concert

OMG singer falls off stage

Bert McCracken lead singer of "the used" falls off stage

OMG Christina Aguilera falls on Grammy’s stage

This is not good for Christina. This almost fall on Sunday's Grammy performance comes one week after her struggle with the national anthem lyrics at the Super Bowl.

OMG Prince Kicks Kim Kardashian Off The Stage

When Prince invites you on stage to dance with him you should dance. Even if you are Kim Kardashian. Otherwise you're gonna be kicked off the stage