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OMG Stormtrooper eats crap

Stormtrooper has an embarassing fail. For sure he will be discarted by Darth Vader.

OMG Darth Lily & Lego R2D2

Star Wars will never be cuter than this

OMG real life Star Wars with an unexpected plot

Stormtrropers delevering princess Leia to Han Solo. What follows next is unthinkable.

OMG chapel plays the Imperial March

This was supposed to be an April Fool's day prank at UMD, but I'm sure you all agree that is way cooler than any ordinary bell ringing.

OMG cat sounds like an Ewok

Cat makes an Ewok sound when being pet

OMG violinist plays the Star Wars theme on the 14th Street platform

Talented Joya Bravo plays the Star Wars theme on the F train 14th street platform

OMG drainpipe climbing goes as bad as it can get

A drunk guy, wearing Star Wars pyjamas, is making a crazy attempt to reach the roof by climbing a drainpipe. Rumors say that he though a girl was waiting for him up there.

OMG Darth Vader bulldog

Darth Vader bulldog will bring your cocktails to the party

OMG the R2D2 cake

Epic wedding cake, a Lifesize R2D2 Star Wars Cake with spinning head, LED Lights and Sound Effects!

OMG Star Wars elevator prank

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBzfNUYEG9c "Please stop using the force right now"

OMG say no to May the 4th

May 4th is the Star Wars day but you should really say no this time

OMG best Haloween costume ever

When fashion design meets pure engineering [sis]

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