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OMG dog says “Oh no”

Or something like that

OMG porcupine likes pumpkin, too

It is Teddy Bear, the talking porcupine who likes corn. It seems that this cutie likes pumpkin, too!

OMG chat with a pig

Pig answers the questions we all want to know

OMG Trent talks to R2D2

I wonder what they're talking about

OMG baby and dog talking

Interesting things said by both parties

OMG funniest goat conversation

Constructive conversation solves all problems

OMG cat in love

Cat expresses feelings to a neighbor's cat ("i love you" at 0:06)

OMG talking with a seal

A baby seal responds to human sealish noises

OMG creepy fat kitten

114 seconds of pure nom nom

OMG donkeys chatting

Looks fake to me :(

OMG cat talks to birds

This cat really creeps me out

OMG baby talks to daddy

3 month old baby girl talking to her daddy. There is some serious discussion here