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OMG fooling around on a motorway

That's the quickest way to get a ticket I can think of.

OMG getting a homeless man home

Team Whatever sends a homeles man back home, in Czech Republic. People may say a lot of things about the motives behind this action, we say it's the good deed of the week.

OMG tram deadheads

First date and you don't have a car? Just sniff some glue and be a tram deadhead. The lady will appreciate it.[Arbroath]

OMG cheating the police fail

Don't you just love when smartasses are exposed? [vvv]

OMG easy rider

Hope the little guy didn't get a ticket for losing the helmet.

OMG public transportation at its best

Did they actually pay for a ticket?

OMG not the proper way to deal with a police ticket