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OMG jumping off roof into a pool

Guy attempts an impressive dive and records it, in order to see how close to the pool bottom he can get.

OMG whale smacks cameraman

Humpback Whale at the eastern coast of Africa knocks camera

OMG remora meets diver

A remora fish falls in love with a diver. Watch the cute video

OMG seal attacks diver

He has never been more freaked out underwater

OMG rescuing a GoPro

GoPro camera falls at the ground of the lake during a jump

OMG underwater bullets

Slo Mo Guys show us how bullets look when fired from an underwater gun

OMG diving monkeys

Jacques-Yves Cousteau of animal kingdom

OMG holding hands with a seal

Underwater cuteness at its best

OMG fish hates publishity

Stop following me!

OMG shark steals camera!

That happens when you leave your camera unattended in a sea full of sharks. They may also eat you alive...

OMG cute underwater meeting

Seal pup meets diver somewhere under the sea

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