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OMG unicycle talent

Talented man plays Guitar and Harmonica while riding a unicycle down the street.

OMG unicycle fail

Ouch, that hurt

OMG unicycling goes wrong

Unicycling on a rocky terrain can only lead to a fail

OMG playing accordion, on a unicycle, in the woods

It would be better if he was also solving the Rubik's cube

OMG unicycle done wrong

Maybe you should try with a bicycle first

OMG unicycle junk yard fail

Unicycle practice turns really bad

OMG unicycle fail

Butt-cheek bruising win

OMG unicycle fail

That's why you should never try to hop on a tiny pink unicycle

OMG unicycle freestyle

Never thought that unicycles can be this cool

OMG stormtrooper on a unicycle

It could have been a surreal scene from a Fellini movie [dpf]

OMG unicycle fail

This is the reason why mankind, eventually, preffered bicycles

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