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OMG wedding cake’s bad moment

Everything was perfect...until...

OMG epic wedding fail

An entire 29 person Wedding Party takes a plunge into Lake Lanier (Georgia,US)

OMG woman faints at sister’s wedding


OMG photographer ruins wedding video

Everything for a good shot

OMG ufo wedding entrance

Best wedding ever. Only in Porbandar, India

OMG granddad takes a boat

Granddad decides to take a boat ride at a wedding

OMG great wedding surprise

After a heavy storm the wedding chapel was left with no electricity. However, the guests save the day.

OMG fire on wedding

Small fire surprises wedding guests

OMG lightning interrupts wedding

New weds got scared

OMG wedding dance epic move

Groom tries to perform a handstand move and ends up kicking a table. Nobody seems to care though...

OMG epic bride’s handshake

That's interesting

OMG bouquet toss goes wrong

There is a woman that will do anything for that bouquet. Watch the video