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OMG squat fail

Ever heard of weight clamps?

OMG clean and jerk fail

Another gym fail that could have gone way-way worse

Meanwhile at the gym

Guy fails at all exercises

OMG weight lifting fail

A superstitious person would say that a broken mirror brings seven years of bad luck...

OMG gym fail

Golden rule for all the gym enthousiasts: Never smile when you're pulling weights (always backfires)

OMG someone put on some weight

It's either this, or the valance lost (somehow) its structural integrity.

OMG this is how you weigh a koala

Have you ever wondered how a koala's scale looks like? P.S. you need to remove koala's hat

OMG how much do they weigh?

It's time to find out how much do 4 orphaned owls weigh

OMG weight lifting fail

Crowd certainly did not expect such a fail

OMG Weight Lifting on Exercise Ball

this sport is not intended for the average sportsman

OMG nerd workout


OMG Eye Socket Weight Lifting