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Never practice your gymnastics routine in front of your friends

Or you may do so and pay the price!

Most unexpected thing on a bike video

That was rude... and dangerous...

360 power brick sounds like Predator

"If it bleeds, we can kill it"

Amazing golf team trickshot

I can tell they have put a few hours of practice on this

Are dirtbikes travelling only in a straight line?

Steeringless and brakeless

Amazing innovative back exercise

Pulldown rows, the next best thing in back exercises

Ultimate dash cam fails

After watching this video I can only say "Hail to the Russian drivers"

Teargas mushrooms?

Nature's most secret weapon

It’s a bit windy today, don’t you think?

Watch out for the falling trees btw

Does riding a motorcycle make you a vegan?

If so, then I'll stick to my car

Ninja wedding cameraman fails and recovers

He missed a few moments but overall good

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