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Teachers see, first hand, the creation of a tornado

Someone could say that this is a divine intervention

Spider encounter fail

Guy meets spider. Guy screams like a girl.

Paramotor meets longboard

Guy had the brilliant idea to take a video of his paramotor ride. Things got even better when two longboarders appeared.

Can someone explain this please?

Why? How?

I’ve just realized the definition of “embarassing”

To be the only one crashing your bike, out of a 200 rider gathering

Grandma boxing

The lady is 92 years old people!

This is really weird – puppy sounds like a baby

Apparently, the Chihuahua/Brussels Griffon merge produces dogs with human vocal cords

Hillbilly dog signs along banjo

This dog has the X Factor

Ever wondered how more than 2700 kayaks/canoe crafts look like together?

Check out this footage from the One Square Mile Of Hope 2014. That was a new Guinness World Record for the largest raft of kayaks and canoes, btw.

That must have left a bruise

Every square inch of this guy's back must be colored red

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