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OMG man eats oysters on train

We all love oysters but this is kinda gross

OMG amazing bear sculpture

Artist, Ben Gazsi, builds a nine foot bear sculpture with natural materials

OMG shooting targets using a mirror to aim

With a few bionic implants he'll be real life Robocop

OMG cool helicopter formation

Military helicopters perfectly lined up near Stonehenge. That's a cool thing to see.

OMG working out is actually bad for your health

Just go out and have a beer. It's healthier.

OMG elephant surprise

Elephant surprises people by performing a "hippo" move

OMG truck bed human trap

Not suggested for people suffering from claustrophobia

OMG that’s why we love girls on dancing poles

Over-confident girl falls face-down off a dancing pole

OMG epic dirtbike wipeout

First dirtbike jump attempt has an embarassing end.

OMG ski pond skim fail

How can someone miss this pond??

OMG pull ups gone wrong

I'm going to patent door cases with embedded pull up and make a fortune out of this...

OMG meanwhile in St.Petersburg,Florida

Best Dorothy impersonation,ever!

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