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I bet this girl regreted her decision to go dirtbiking today

Faceplant + pancake effect. This would definitely leave a bruise.

After watching this video, exercising will not be the same

Elliptical donkey kicks. The next best thing in woking out.

Baby owl protects his kin

This is scary, to say the least

Yamaha rider pays respect to a statue

What a respectful guy, he even kneels before the monument

When weight lifting becomes a near death experience

...or a quick way to demolish your garage

Get out of here, the forrest is MINE

Lady protects with a tennis ball what she thinks is hers, i.e. the whole forrest

Cool side by side drifting

These guys are the Blue Angels on four wheels

Slackline mega save

Guy is obviously blessed with positive karma

The most weird slap game you’ll ever seen

Poor corgi gets a severe ass-kick

A sophisticated scientific way to freeze your dog

WARNING: perform this procedure only under the supervision of an expert

Can push ups lead to concussion?

Absolutely, If you do it this way

Commando kid learns a lesson

Never run against a wall. Always run in parallel.

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