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Believe it or not, this is one badass hat juggler

I never thought that I would use the terms "badass" and "hat juggler" in the same sentence

Cyclist is receiving the “trash bin” treatment

This is how pedestrians are trolling the cyclists

This is the ultimate experience for a cycling fan

Loyal fan hugs Adam Hansen during the Climb of Zoncolan and records the moment. Giro de Italia at its best...

Typical Irish mom ruins ice bucket challenge

On a second thought, this could be any mom on earth..

It’s always a bad idea to do a wheelie in a dirtbike race starting line

But if you do so, then try to play it cool like this guy

Hammerhead shark creepy encounter

Scary hammerhead shark encounter at Destin, Florida

Skateboarder loses his pride and possibly many more

I totaly sympathize this young man

This lady, apparently, does not comprehend the “bouncing castle” concept

The fact that she's possibly holding a beer is putting things into prespective

A lunchtime WTF experience

I've just lost my appetite

Juggling deathmatch

There can be only one...

Koala prison break

Koala climbs over fence and jumps onto a tree, as slick as it can get

Suicidal railway crossing

Driver's reaction is funny. He's Finnish btw

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