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The most ironic mtb ride

Guy almost gets drown while actually on a mountain!

Noone wants dogs to be hurt, but this is damn funny

Poor Rocko has an unfortunate moment

Highway travelling, the South American way

Safety not guaranteed though

Hillbilly stable parkour fail

Should had nailed this board better

Yeah buddy!

Guy eats crap after mtb backflip. His friend is over-supportive.

Kid tries to be the coolest guy in school

He gets to be the school's object of ridicule, instead

What a marvelous Go Pro footage!

I bet nothing can go wrong in this peaceful drone flight

For once, a drone well used

After this video, the guy was elected mayor of his town

Time has stopped for this kitty

Is it a time/space phenomenon or the kitty suffers from a stroke? A vet (or an astrophysicist) could help on this one.

This will make your spinal cord fracture

This guy wants desperately to spend the night in the hospital

Outdoors bowling in the rain

That's the stupidest thing I've seen lately

Wild elephant makes tourists crap their pants

Jokes aside, that's a genuinly scared situation