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Sorcerer has complete power over ants

This is ancient witchcraft

What could possibly go wrong in a Mexican fair?

Apparently, it was siesta time for the safety supervisor

Ice bucket challenge shower turns into shower demolition

Just a miscalculation in the ice cube quantity

Woman takes bear for walk

Only in Russia...

Meanwhile in Mexico

Enjoying a nice hiking trail while a local guy stops to pay his respects

What, in the name of God, is this?

Swan orchestra outside Cessnock subway station. I don't even know where Cessnock is...

Cockatoo passes the border of insanity

Stay away from that psycho, for your own safety

How to turn slip’n slide into face lawn mowing

You only need an inflatable matress and 3 days of beard growth

Cool 35-40 yard hail Mary own pass

The fact that the footage is captured via a drone camera, takes it to a badass level

Some very lucky people watched a top class performance for $2,50

Anything can happen on a NYC subway platform