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OMG someone is looking for a fight

Bad temper..

OMG what a beautiful day for a group vespa ride

Until someone in the front had the bright idea to full stop right in the middle of the road

OMG father teaches children river rafting

Parents are always the best role models for all sports and activities

OMG aquatic dinosaur attacks girl

Humanity will be saved ONLY by a new Ice Age

OMG bodyflip show off meets karma

When you want something really bad, all the universe conspires in making you FAIL

OMG this is why grown ups should stay away from kids’ toys

A kid would never be so immature..

OMG spinal cord supression tutorial

In a few years this kid will require a (Robocop style) spinal cord transplant

OMG muscle up disaster

There is a heavy price for calisthenics

OMG a tree’s final stand

Dying tree revenges it's mutilator

OMG guy falls for the oldest prank in the world (faceplant included)

I believe this prank was first pulled by the ancient Sumerians

OMG cutest rock concert crowd

I can see them mosh in a few years

OMG how to avoid, like a boss, a dunk prank

Wipeout the pranker and smash the ceiling!