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OMG watching your ski partner fail

One of this occasions when you don't really enjoy an epic fail happening right in front of you.

OMG parkour dive goes wrong

Dive kjong ends in pain

OMG toilet paper juggling

Toilet can be a place for cool and constructive activities, after all.

OMG the agony of paragliding

You need to remain calm when paragliding

OMG amazing avalanche

Explosion is bringing down half of the mountain at Stjernøy, Norway.

OMG what is wrong with this cat?

Headbagging cat...Cool...

OMG moto cross carnage

Scary moto cross race

OMG Let’s Get Social

Let's get social, with social media. Maybe the best social media song ever

OMG polar challenge gone wrong

Brave lady accepts challenge to swim in the cold water. She fails before even she gets started...

OMG this is outrageous

Guy buys plain Pringles instead of the green ones so his friends decided to prank him. We absolutely approve their action.

OMG coolest drag race ever

You have to live many lives only to have the opportunity for a "race" with a B-17 Flying Fortress

OMG tree trimming fail

If the tree was bigger, this man would have been homeless now