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OMG kid falls off climbing wall

Kid learns, the hard way, how not to fall

OMG boy loses shoe in creek

Boy loses shoe while jumping over creek

OMG meanwhile in NYC

A street legal (??) plane car in the streets of New York

OMG class experiment goes wrong

Water bucket experiment takes a disastrous turn when the string breaks

OMG rugby tackle fail

There is an unfortunate moment in every rugby player's life, when he has to tackle a bigger guy.

OMG Blue Angels’ Fat Albert in Zero G conditions

The US Navy Flight Demonstration Team, better known as the Blue Angels, travels with a C-130T Hercules nicknamed FAT ALBERT. Here is some cool footage from inside the cockpit and the cargo area.

OMG classic finger crack climbing at Red Rock Canyon

Don't know about you, but this makes me feel a bit nervous.

OMG they see me rolling

Just an ordinary day...

OMG hilarious workout fail

Guy tries a weird acrobatic move and gets seriously pwned

OMG choose carefully your mobile network operator

It could be a matter of life or death!

OMG MTB rider almost gets impaled

Guy falls off his bike awfully close to a sharp tree trunk

OMG robbed in Guatemala

A couple of motorcycling enthousiasts gets robbed at gunpoint on the road between San Pedro La Laguna and Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala. Thankfully, they got away unharmed.