Ice luge takes out sorority girl

When partying goes wrong..




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    Okay, so came across a few hipuccs today when trying this recipe for the first time. All my own fault. I had no balsamic vinegar, and since I had all the other ingredients, I really really did not want to run out to the store for any. So I took 2 tablespoons of red wine vinegar and mixed it with orange blossom creamed honey. Then I thought I had tomato paste (I was pretty darn certain I bought it last week to make a seafood paella) but, it was no where to be found. I did however have strained tomatoes (much like paste, but thinner.) So, I simply doubled it up. Put it in as the recipe called for, but, cooked a little longer for the liquid to cook out a bit. We don’t really like wine to much (and my mother is allergic to it asthma) so, I only added 1 cup, and instead added 3 cups of beef broth. I like the glazed looking stews, rather than the thicker paste looking stews, (which for some reason always happens for me when I use flour) so, I did not add the water and also left out the flour. I added a couple squirts of Merlot cooking sauce. Its right now at the braising stage and has been braising for 1 hour. It smells amazing in here, and my husband keeps rubbing his hands together saying he can’t wait (we make dinner early on Thursdays due to my daughters having dance classes at 5pm, with both of them being in the classes, we don’t leave until 8pm!) We usually skip lunch on this day. Can’t wait to taste it!


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